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Registration to join the 2014-2015 Orange Krush is OPEN!  Start collecting pledges now, because registration will close October 17th. See below for details on how to become a member of the best cheering group in the country!

Before you can enter your contact information in our website, you need to do 2 more things to become a member of Orange Krush:


1) JOIN ILLINI PRIDE! Because Orange Krush is a subgroup of Illini Pride, you MUST be a member of Illini Pride to be in the Orange Krush! Click the link at (1) for more information. You will not be able to attend Orange Krush events without an Illini Pride membership card.


Note: When filling out your information page, please leave the "Illini Pride Number" box blank, or as "0000".  You can fill this information in later after you receive yourwill be Illini Pride card and number once school resumes.

2) JOIN THE ORANGE KRUSH! Not only does the Orange Krush support Fighting Illini basketball, but it also doubles as a student-run charitable foundation: the Orange Krush Foundation.  With a motto of “Students, Campus, Community,” the Orange Krush Foundation contributes thousands of dollars to the University and local and national charities each year.  Over the past  fifteen seasons, the Orange Krush has raised and donated over $2.5 million to local and national charities! Click the link at (2) to get started.


Contact Hannah Taylor at with questions.




To join the Orange Krush, members must raise money by soliciting pledges from friends, family, neighbors, Alumni, and the Champaign-Urbana community.  Students may ask their donors to pledge money per 3-point shot the basketball team scores during the upcoming 2014-2015 season.  If a donor would rather pledge a flat amount, that is also acceptable.  The amount of money that you raise determines your level in Krush. 


 Krush Level


 All-American (All Students)

 $3.00/shot made

 Varsity (Soph, Jr, Sr)

 $1.50/shot made

 Varsity (Freshman)

 $1.00/shot made

 Transfer Student

 $1.00/shot made


For example: Dee Brown pledges you $0.10 / 3-pt shot. Record Dee’s information (name, address, pledge amount) and enter it onto the “Pledges” section of the Orange Krush Registration website by the deadline. If the Illini make 233 three-pointers during the upcoming season, Dee Brown will be billed $23.30 at the end of the season. As a freshman, you would only need 9 more people to donate $0.10 / 3-pt shot in order to become a member of the Orange Krush.


After the season, the Orange Krush Foundation will take care of sending your donors a bill depending on how many 3-pointers the Illini make during the season.


**It does not matter how many donors you have. In the example above, you could have 9 more people donate $0.10 / 3-point shot or just have one more donor donate $0.90 / 3-point shot to have a total of $1.00 / 3-point shot (Varsity member for freshman/transfer students).


**Donors can also make a flat donation instead of a “per-3-point shot” pledge. Every $25 cash donation you receive is considered a $0.10 pledge.  For example, a $50 flat pledge donation is equal to a $0.20 per-shot pledge.


***PLEASE DO NOT COLLECT CASH OR CHECKS FROM YOUR DONORS. Instead, upload their name, address, and pledge amount into the Krush registration website.   The Orange Krush Foundation will take care of billing ALL of your donors (both flat-pledge and per-shot donors) at the end of basketball season!


Tips for raising pledges:

  • Ask family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers
  • Approach local corporations and businesses
  • Ask ANYONE affiliated with the U of I (ESPECIALLY alumni)
  • Do NOT give false pledges, or pledges you do not expect to pay. This will eliminate your chance of being in Orange Krush again!!
  • Pledge information may be submitted to our online website 
  • Print off your pledge sheets (Word document) by clicking the following link, and start tracking those pledges today!
  • Orange Krush Pledge Sheet
  • Orange Krush Pledge Request Template